Woman Takes Her Cat To The Vet Thinking He’s Sick, But He Was Actually Keeping A Secret

A cat’s loss of appetite is not to be taken lightly. Indeed, our tomcats are greedy beings who like to eat as soon as the dish offered is to their liking. A woman who noticed that her hairball hadn’t eaten for 3 days got worried and took her to the vet. The verdict of this one left him speechless.

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On July 4, 2022, the owner of a ginger and white cat posted a photo of her pet with a shorn belly on Reddit. The poor beast had to undergo an ultrasound, an examination aimed at understanding what was going on in her abdomen.

Indeed, the woman explained that her cat seemed sick. He slept almost all day, except for a short outing of a few minutes, and hadn’t eaten for 3 days.

A really surprising fact since it was until then rather the type to swallow any food that was within its reach.

The mistress therefore imagined the worst, reports NewsWeek. He could have contracted a virus or swallowed a spoiled or even toxic food (birds, rodents or lizards dead for some time, for example).

A hilarious diagnosis

The equally worried veterinarian therefore did a complete examination of the tomcat. Finding nothing abnormal, he performed the ultrasound which revealed the cat’s secret.

It turned out that he was as greedy as he was a pilferer. His stomach was really full for an animal that had (supposedly) not eaten for several days.

After returning home with her healthy furball and conducting her investigation, the mistress discovered that her little feline was actually stealing food from the neighbors’ home.

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“I’ve spoken with them and they have a cat flap that’s always open for their own cat, so he’s probably sneaking in at night to steal the kibble and food.”explained the reassured woman, but somewhat annoyed to have paid for an emergency consultation for nothing.


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