World Badger Day this Sunday, May 15, what you need to know

Badgers can be hunted almost anywhere in France. But these ingenious and not very shy mammals have their supporters, who made this Sunday, May 15 their first world day.

Have you ever come across a badger? No, not your ex: we are talking here about the mustelid (mammal with long bodies and small legs, ferocious predator… of earthworms).

These animals can even live in town (cellar or crawl space), provided the living conditions are favorable. A less favorable aspect, however: the species is huntable, especially in the Ardennes, but not in the Bas-Rhin.

We talk about hunting: cornering the badger in its burrow, destroying it, and pinching the animal to extricate it. A cruel practice… and useless, since the badgers regulate themselves, in a way, and do not proliferate. Thus, these mammals have their fans, who organized their first world day this Sunday, May 15.

The badger is discreet, and therefore not well known to the general public. If not readers of the Renart’s novelof Prince Caspian (CS Lewis), or Harry Potter (JK Rowling, also from the east of France).

However, he deserves to be known. The associations, which have launched an official petition for its protection, point out that the badger:

  • is quiet and peaceful
  • is very attached to its territory
  • the food chain is essential
  • is very clean (it goes “in the toilet” outside)
  • has a flair 700 times more powerful than ours
  • can coexist with humans (agricultural example)
  • can build “HLM of three floors underground”

A species-engineer par excellence, the badger builds burrows that are sometimes reused for nearly a century by its family. The reason: its collective memory, transmitted from generation to generation of badgers. From then on, we understand better why these mustelids will never leave their piece of land, whatever we do.

If your curiosity about the badger has been aroused, know that at 8:15 p.m., you will be able to observe some (which is complicated in nature, the animal living at night and having little interest in wanting to meet you). A video will be broadcast live by the Blaireau et sauvage association, from a burrow in the Vosges (player visible below).

In the meantime, you can sign the petition, if you haven’t already. Your signature may make the difference.

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