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With nearly seven months of the World Cup in Qatar, concern is growing among the groups of supporters of the France team. In question, the very vague organization of the event in a country which favors the wealthiest.

World Cup 2022: a comp

Few French fans in Qatar?

This World Cup is unreadable. Strong words from Anne Costes, who fears the worst just over 7 months from the World Cup in Qatar. Vice-president of the Irresistibles Franais, the best-known group of supporters of the French team, this fanatic of the round ball is not sure to join the Gulf next winter.

Poor accommodation conditions

Why ? First, because the accommodation conditions will be very difficult. You have to have your match tickets to be accommodated, otherwise you can’t book. So you have to take match tickets without knowing if you will have accommodation. However, having accommodation is a condition of entering Qatar. All knowing that tickets are non-refundable. So if you want to avoid making a round trip France-Qatar on the day of the match – which is not sure to be possible – you have to take a non-refundable ticket without knowing if you will have accommodation. , which itself will allow us to enter the territory she says in an interview with So Foot.

The icing on the cake: you have to book a minimum number of nights, you can’t take just one night. Which makes no sense, since there is a lack of accommodation on site. Accommodation that would be reimbursed at 80% in the event of cancellation before April 30, but not at all after. And then you have to see the apartments in question… They are either almost military installations, or villas or the famous cruise ships. The cheapest is a campsite of which nothing is known, with just a photo of a Quechua tent on a dune she regrets.

A faulty organization

For the main interest, the organization is totally defective. We will have 48 to 72 hours after the last game to leave. What do we do if plane tickets cannot be changed? We even looked for accommodation in the surrounding countries, but in fact, the Dubai-Doha flight will be very expensive. By car, it’s a 6-hour drive through Saudi Arabia, whose borders are closed with Qatar. In fact, during our meeting, all I did was deliver bad news. I had to find a lot of people. It’s a shame because we are world champions and we will have very few supporters on site. sighs the head of the fan group.

For Costes, this World Cup will not be that of the most fervent supporters. To give you an idea, there were 600 in Russia, if there are 50, it will be exceptional. I say ‘we’, but personally, I gave up. With all the controversy surrounding this World Cup, we could at least expect Qatar to be flawless in terms of the organization, but in fact not at all. in the east only for aiss people. It’s not a World Cup for supporters, there won’t be anyone. We will end up with Qataris who will hold French flags she says, before concluding. Qatar is not suited to host a big tournament with millions of people. See you next November.

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