WWDC, Google I/O and Twitter’s edit button – Reuters

This week we look forward to big summer events from Apple and Google and the prospect of a Twitter free from the shackles of permanence. Or something like that.

Apple has finally confirmed the dates for its annual WWDC event, which will take place in early June, so there’s no better excuse to plan what to expect, with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 set to debut, as well as other software and probably a hardware announcement or two.

Google will beat Cupertino to the punch though. It’s the Google I/O developer conference slated for May, and alongside more Android 13 we expect to see the Pixel 6a debut, possibly alongside a preview of the Pixel Watch – and maybe even our first foldable Pixel.

Finally, Twitter had a tumultuous week. The world’s richest man first decided to buy the biggest stake in the social networking site for a few billion dollars, then (perhaps not coincidentally) Twitter revealed he was working on the long requested edit button functionality. Hannah thinks a Twitter edit button would be disastrous – but will the rest of us agree?

You can watch the full live stream in the video embedded above, or head straight to YouTube to watch it there (and subscribe, if you feel so inclined).

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