You are eligible for double vaccination against influenza and Covid-19, are you planning to do so? Tell us

A puncture? Or two? This Tuesday, France launches its seasonal flu vaccination campaign. The authorities thus hope to avoid a strong epidemic of this seasonal virus, in a health context already marked by the eighth wave of Covid-19. On this occasion, people who are eligible for both vaccinations, if they have not yet received their booster dose against Covid-19, can be vaccinated against both viruses at the same time. This is precisely what the health authorities want, who would like to encourage entitled French people to kill two birds with one stone: get vaccinated against Covid-19 in one arm and against influenza in the other. This concerns people over 65 (over 60 for the anti-Covid vaccine), pregnant women, people suffering from severe obesity (BMI over 40) or patients with certain chronic diseases such as diabetes. It is still unknown whether those concerned will respond to this call.

Is this your business? You have not yet received your reminder against Covid-19 and are entitled to both vaccinations? What is your profile (over 65, pregnancy, etc.)? Do you plan to receive both vaccines at the same time or not? Why ? Tell us.

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