you can now manually add passwords. See how


Google Chrome has a very secure password manager that recently received a major update, alerting the user to passwords they have that might not be secure. However, one of its limitations is related to the fact that it does not allow you to save passwords without first entering them on a website and waits for the service to ask you whether you want to save it or not. .

Although not available directly, you can now manually add passwords to Chrome’s Password Manager, making this service even more comprehensive.

Google Chrome Password Manager is available to users and guarantees a high level of protection. In addition, the service allows you to analyze passwords and modify those that have identified problems. Among them, it can be words used in many services or words that are too weak.

To do this analysis, you can follow the instructions in the article below.

How to Add Passwords in Chrome’s Password Manager

One of the limitations of this service is something as simple as adding passwords manually like any other password manager.

However, it is already possible to add this functionality by activating a flag. This feature should arrive soon in generalized form in an upcoming update.

However, to access the ability to add passwords to the Chrome password manager, you must go to chrome://flags/#add-passwords-in-settings, making sure your browser is set updated with the latest version. The option must be replaced by Authorized. Chrome will need to be updated.

Google Chrome: You can now manually add passwords.  See how

Next, to manually add the desired passwords, you need to navigate to chrome://settings/passwords, where you will see the “Add” button in front of Saved Passwords. Just add the website link, username and associated password.

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