Young Barau’s petrels and shearwaters take flight

As part of the National Park’s “Days of the Night” program, the SEO (Société d’Etudes Ornithologiques de la Réunion) released young Barau petrels and shearwaters this Saturday at the Marine site, in Saint Benedict.

As a reminder, the operation aims to raise public awareness of light pollution and the protection of biodiversity. Indeed, the petrels, in danger of extinction, are highly disoriented by the lights of the cities during their flights in April, which is why it is recommended to limit the lighting to this period. Because once stranded, seabirds cannot take off again because of their large wings and webbed feet. They then risk being victims of predators or collisions.

About fifty birds have already been taken care of by the SEOR since the start of the flight season.

Beyond preserving biodiversity, extinguishing fires has many other benefits: for the health of Reunion Islanders, for the electricity bill, the carbon footprint, star gazing… So many reasons to take advantage of the fenoir.

If you find a stranded petrel, here is what to do:

➔ Put it in a box, in which you have made a few holes to allow it to breathe and place it in a quiet place, away from heat and the sun, dogs and cats.
➔ Do not feed him!
➔ Call the SEOR as soon as possible at: 0262.20.46.65
WARNING ! It’s a wild bird! Avoid handling it unnecessarily, which can stress it out.


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