Young man sings ‘a song’ to his badly behaved pup to get him to behave

Thousands of users on TikTok were stunned to see this puppy’s reaction when his owner sings the famous nursery rhyme.

Thanks to social networks, thousands of users witness the funniest and most unlikely events, especially those involving pets.

On this occasion, a puppy attracted attention from TikTok for a peculiar reason. His owner decided to dedicate a song to him with a particular interpretation because of the nonsense he is used to doing. The man used his hand to keep up with the rhythm of the children’s song “Obey your mama” of beep.

A young man sings to his badly behaved puppy to behave.

In this multimedia content, shared by TikTok user @blaselperro, we can see the puppy on camera as its owner seems scold him for his antics. Then, when the rhythm of the children’s song changes, the man brings his hand closer to simulate a slap at his pet.

Every time the puppy felt the hand of his master very close to his muzzle, he was trying to bite it lightly. It is worth mentioning that the animal is a celebrity, because its owner often shares content about him.

On TikTok, this clip received more than 335,000 “like” and more than 2,258 comments: “He looks like my little dog who died in 2019, his name was Alaraca. “I love this song,” were some of the comments left by users.

You can watch the video below:

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