Overwhelmed by their goalkeepers, PSG lost 3-1 and left the competition.

As in the Champions League, Paris opened the scoring and generally dominated the match, before being caught and exploding in flight. The absence of Xavi Simons was ultimately very detrimental, as was Lavallée’s injury exit, hit in a shoulder duel 30m from his goal, not necessarily a place where he had something to do.

Failed raise and goal from Reischl

It’s over for PSG. This time, Mouquet had nothing to do with it, it was Bitshiabu who relaunched in the center on a player from Salzburg and Reischl did not miss him.

7 minutes of stoppage time!

Will that be enough?

PSG tries everything for everything

But Salzburg resists very well for these last minutes

We are preparing for an end of the match in attack defense mode

Will that be enough to crack Salzburg?

Gharbi returns

Instead of Kari. And Weidmann took the place of Mungu Wa Mungu.

Edouard Michut remains on the ground

After a violent tackle (which he made) on Simic.

And Mouquet’s dumpling!!!!

He had stopped the first shot well, but he got his gloves completely tangled on Simic’s head. He had, however, stopped her at first.

PSG went to 3-5-2

The Parisians are a little less in danger, but it’s still just as complicated to raise.

Big blow for PSG

Lavallée must go out. Once again the PSG puts its goalkeeper in difficulty and it costs him dearly. Lavallée was hit on a trivial ball 30m from his goal, without any protection from his defense. It is the young Mouquet who will return. Louis Mouquet has only played one game in Gambardella this season. He will make his Youth League debut.

Suddenly Camara also makes another change and leaves Bitumazala replaced by Fernandez.

Lavallee affected

He was hit in the shoulder by Diakité 30m from his goal.

That’s it, PSG takes its head out of the water

For the moment Salzburg is doing with free kicks

We remind you, no extra time or return match

It will be direct shots on goal.

Huge off-road pressing from Salzburg

Parisians are having a hard time getting by.

Gassama attempts the curling shot from outside the box

But it’s much too far from the frame

It’s back to Saint-Germain

And this time, Salzburg was not surprised. On the contrary, the first strike is Austrian.

And it’s halftime. PSG can blame themselves

The young Parisians dominated the debates and opened the scoring from the 11th second of the match, then chaining a few good chances, but a moment of deconcentration was enough and Salzburg got back to the score. Attention, Paris will play against the wind in the second period.

Little blow to the head, this equalizer

But in the previous rounds, the Parisians proved they had the mental resources to pick themselves up after a blow.

Salzburg equalizer

Barely, Salzburg takes advantage of the passivity of the Parisian defense: on a returned ball, Simic and Diakhité find themselves in 1 against 1 against the Parisian defense, and this time, Lavallée can do nothing.

Another opportunity for Michut!

This time his header is on target, but the goalkeeper was well placed.

It is to be hoped that young Parisians do not do like the adults

And do not be foolishly taken back in a match that they largely dominate for the moment.

What a great Parisian counter-attack!

But Sekou Yansané completely misses his shot when he was almost alone against the goalkeeper.

Several players from the first team are present

Kimpembe, Nuno, Bernat, Kehrer, Danilo, Dagba, Dina Ebimbe, Simons, notes our reporter on the spot Loïc Tanzi.

Salzburg’s replica

Nice free kick and nice header from Wallner, but Lavallée is on the way.

Change for Salzburg

Halwachs replaced by Sahin, it seems to be more physical than tactical.

We lost the images for two minutes

But we didn’t miss anything, still 1-0 for PSG after the express goal of Edouard Michut.

And another great opportunity for Michut!!!!

He was alone at 10m on a center back. Unfortunately, his strike is too removed.

Handsome against PSG

It ends with a shot blocked by Michut but the Austrians trembled. There will be opportunities to drive the point home.

The Austrians put their foot on the ball

But for the moment the PSG is holding on and betting on the counter.

What a fiery start to the match!

PSG is already back in the Austrian area! For the moment the Parisian midfielder is walking around.

Already a goal!!!!!

11 seconds into the game and PSG opens the scoring. Huge oversight of the Austrian central defense which forgets Bitumazala, the goalkeeper stops the first shot but Michut followed well!

Both teams are on the field

It will be Bodiang the Parisian captain. Big difference in size with Wallner, the Austrian captain.

Calm atmosphere this Wednesday at Camp des Loges

For the moment, no manifestation of annoyance from the Ultras as had been the case during PSG-Bordeaux.

Three suspended on the PSG side

And it’s a pitfall for PSG: Xavi Simons is suspended, just like Wilson Odobert and Kaïs Najeh.

The group and the composition of PSG

Here is the 11 lined up by Papus Camara this Wednesday

Lavallée – Bodiang, El Hannach, Bitshiabu, Muntu – Zaire-Emery, Michut, Kari – GAssama, Bitumazala, Yansane

As a reminder Xavi Simons is not in the group. Gharbi on the bench.

Hello and welcome to this live

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