A photo taken in Toulouse shows the Youtube logo and a smartphone.

The Russian telecommunications policeman announced, this Thursday, April 7, to ban Google from advertising in Russia. Roskomnadzor accuses YouTube, owned by the famous American firm, of being “a key platform for the dissemination of ‘fakes’ on the special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, discrediting the Russian armed forces”.

The Russian telecommunications gendarme also denounced the fact that YouTube (the video platform owned by Google) publishes content from Ukrainian “extremists” and that it censors Russian state media, whose YouTube channels have been closed.

Russian search engines will also have to indicate that Google and its affiliates violate Russian law when a search is performed on their names.

Russia has deployed a media and digital strategy to control information about its invasion of Ukraine.

Other measures had been taken in Russia against social networks in recent weeks, since the start of the war in Ukraine. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are blocked in Russia.

Among the other strong measures deployed by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin, the dissemination of information discrediting the Russian army is notably punishable by a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.