Yssingeaux: the flair of dogs put to the test by rubble

This weekend, the Club canin des Sucs organized a rescue contest. For the first time, research was carried out in the rubble.

On land belonging to the municipality where it stores rubble, research was carried out on Sunday as part of a rescue competition. After research in the forest on Saturday in Ceveyrac, the dogs had to do the same with a more mineral environment. In ten minutes, the dogs had to find a human being, believed to be buried under the rubble of a school. The person was in this case hidden in a large nozzle. Volunteers added distraction by making noise.

As soon as the dog had found it, it had to bark to warn its master, under the gaze of a Belgian judge.

This competition was successful for the president of the Club canin des Sucs. David Thibaut and his dog Opex, a Belgian Tervuren shepherd, won both Saturday and Sunday in category A, the highest of the weekend.

Amandine Lebedel with her border collie Phonie finished fourth.

Area classification

Classification rubble


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