Zoom on the Norwegian cat

The origins of the Norwegian

The Norwegian is one of the rare breeds of cat to be entirely natural, that is to say without any intervention or selection on the part of humans. This breed of cat from Norway is equipped to withstand the harsh winters of Scandinavia. It is impossible to know when and how the Norwegian appeared, but it could be that he was the result of a cross between Persian cats imported by sailors and Norwegian wild cats. The Norwegians could also trace their origins to a mutation in the genetic heritage of Scandinavian cats.

The Norwegian’s physique

  • height: 35 to 38 cm;
  • weight: between 5 and 7 kg (females), between 6 and 8 kg (males);
  • hair: medium to long;
  • hair color: all;
  • head shape: triangular, rounded forehead;
  • eye shape and colors: almond-shaped, gold-green to blue, sometimes minnows for white Norwegians;
  • ears: large, moderately rounded.

The character of the Norwegian

Despite his wild cat physique, the Norwegian has actually adapted very well to humans. Even if he has hunting origins, his hunting behavior is ultimately very limited and the Norwegian appreciates the proximity of his masters. Independent and affectionate, he is the family cat par excellence and particularly enjoys playing with children.

Peaceful and kind, the Norwegian is curious by nature. He likes food games which allow him to be stimulated both physically and mentally. Tolerant and friendly, he is a good companion, provided you offer him space.

The health of the Norwegian

Because he developed in a natural way, the Norwegian generally presents only few health problems. However, care must be taken to offer him a healthy and balanced diet to avoid the risk of the appearance of certain hereditary diseases.

Although cases remain rare, Norwegians are prone to feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). It is a non-curable heart disease, requiring appropriate treatment to allow your cat to live a long life. It can be characterized by heart failure, loss of appetite and severe fatigue. The diagnosis, which is particularly complicated, can be established thanks to an ultrasound.

Some Norwegians may also be victims of a genetic disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, causing neuromuscular disorders. A report by the Scientific Council of LOOF on glycogen storage disease type 4 shows that it appears from the first months of the kitten and drastically reduces life expectancy to 12 months on average.

Norwegian’s price

The purchase price of a Norwegian depends not only on the breeding from which it comes, but also on the pedigree of its lineage. It will take an average of 800 to 1000 € for a male or female kitten, and up to 3000 € for a cat of higher pedigree.

On the care side, a budget of 500 to 800 € per year will be necessary to take care of this faithful companion.

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